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Managing Your Money

Using debit card controls and alerts

With just the swipe or tap of a debit card, it can be all too easy to spend your hard-earned money without realizing how quickly costs are adding up. At the same time, scammers often make small purchases on multiple debit cards with the hopes of remaining undetected amongst your regular purchases.

Tri City National Bank’s debit card controls and alerts give customers more tools to manage their money, while also monitoring for fraud.

Debit card controls

Debit card controls let you limit where and how your card is used. You can enable or disable these features at any time in your Tri City mobile app by navigating to More > Card Controls.1

  • Add or remove cards
  • Enable or disable cards
  • Turn on or off location controls
  • Limit transaction types
  • Limit merchant types
  • Set threshold amounts

These features help you plan your spending, and limit in-the-moment purchases that don’t align with your budget.

Debit card alerts

Debit card alerts notify you about the usage of your card. You can also enable or disable these features at any time through the mobile app by navigating to More > Alerts.1

  • Set alerts by merchant type
  • Set alerts by transaction type
  • Enable or disable international transactions
  • Set alerts by a specific threshold

Setting alerts for larger than normal dollar amounts or for transaction types you don’t normally make will help keep you informed of any possible fraudulent activity on your account.

Learn more about Tri City’s personal debit cards here.

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