Your Mortgage Lenders

Making Your Home Even Sweeter

We’re real people who not only understand the Southeast Wisconsin real estate market, but also appreciate how intimidating homebuying can be. We’re here to help!

Victoria Andes
Victoria M. Andes Assistant VP | Mortgage Loan Officer III P: 262.648.5101 C: 262.370.1182 Email Victoria NMLS ID: 447073
Rebecca Hawes
Rebecca Hawes Mortgage Loan Officer P: 262.554.5572 Email Rebecca NMLS ID: 553552
Rebecca Hollander
Rebecca Hollander Mortgage Loan Officer III P: 262.676.0304 C: 414.217.4674 Email Rebecca NMLS ID: 400682
John Jaeger III
John J. Jaeger III VP | Commercial / Retail Lending P: 262.796.7979 C: 414.378.1826 Email John NMLS ID: 474428
Randy King
Randy King AVP | Mortgage Lending Officer III P: 262.648.5102 C: 414.217.8018 Email Randy NMLS ID: 503471
Cindy McGill
Cindy McGill Mortgage Lending Officer III P: 262.783.0044 C: 414.841.1516 Email Cindy NMLS ID: 1248406
Miguel Ocampo
Miguel (Mike) Ocampo VP | Mortgage Lending P: 262.648.5103 C: 414.403.5961 Email Miguel NMLS ID: 723405
Marie Sandlin
Marie Sandlin Vice President P: 414.425.3200 Email Marie NMLS ID: 474415
Brandy Stork
Brandy Stork Assistant VP | Mortgage Loan Officer III P: 262.554.5821 C: 262.497.8201 Email Brandy NMLS ID: 474466
Rachael Tharp
Rachael K. Tharp Mortgage Lending Officer III P: 414.761.5620 Email Rachael NMLS ID: 845028
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