Our Oak Creek branch at 6400 S. 27th St. is closed for remodeling, please continue banking with us online or at our grocery store location next door (6462 S. 27th St.).

My Feed

Your Tri City Feed is a communication channel that keeps you updated on important account information, provides financial education, shares timely news on bank happenings, gives you tips to keep your personal and account information safe, and more!

Your feed is accessed via text message to your cell phone. We hope you enjoy this great new experience from your hometown bank.

Here's how to access your personal feed:

  1. Click the text from 63409. We'll send you a new message when new, important information is available.
  2. Open the text message and click the myfeed.tcnb.com link.
  3. Explore your personalized content.

Tri City is committed to protecting your personal information. The bank will never use this channel to request or send any personal information or share any sensitive account information.

My feed FAQ

What is this service?

This is a free1, secure and personalized mobile communication tool, providing you relevant information about your account and other educational content. When you are connected to the free1 service, a personal message feed will be automatically created for you. An SMS text message from 63409 (that’s Tri City!) will be sent to your mobile device with a link to access your personal message feed. Unlike social media platforms, no one can see the messages on your feed but you. When you have new content or a message posted to your feed, you will receive an SMS text alert to notify you.

What are the benefits of this service?

This is the fastest and easiest way to stay on top of your most important communications. Designed just for you, your Tri City feed delivers the information you need, right when you need it, to your own private online message feed.

Is there a cost to this service?

The service is free, but depending on your mobile plan, standard message and data rates may apply. Message & Data Rates may apply disclaimer is included with every SMS text message. You have the ability, to opt out by replying STOP to any text message.

Can I opt out of the service? If I no longer want to receive these text messages, what do I do?

You can opt out of receiving notifications at any time by going to the most recent message you received from 63409, and text STOP.

I accidentally opted out or texted in STOP, how do I sign back up to receive messages?

Contact our Customer Care line at 414.874.2489 and let them know you would like to begin receiving messages again.

Will my information be sold to a third party?

Your information is secure and will never be sold to a third party. Please click here to view Tri City National Bank’s full privacy policy.

What if I never received the SMS that was sent to me?

Please contact our Customer Care line at 414.874.2489 to confirm the mobile number we have on file for you is correct. Please know that some mobile phones and carriers suppress SMS text messages from short codes. Please confirm the settings on your phone allow for short code notifications. If you are having difficulty locating these settings on your device, contact your carrier (example: AT&T) to have a representative assist you.

Is this feed directly linked to my accounts or online banking with Tri City?

No, you will still have your own separate login credentials for online banking via tcnb.com and to bank via our mobile app.

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