Our Oak Creek branch at 6400 S. 27th St. is closed for remodeling, please continue banking with us online or at our grocery store location next door (6462 S. 27th St.).

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Safe Deposit Boxes

A safe deposit box is a great way to keep your important items safe and organized. All of our boxes are 21" deep, and we offer box sizes from 3" x 5" up to 15" x 10".  Rental rates are paid annually, and rent discounts are available with Annual Auto Pay (payment automatically deducted from a Tri City National Bank account) as well as for our Senior customers.

Safe deposit boxes are available at many of our locations. Contact the location nearest to you to determine size options (sizes vary by branch), availability and rental rates.

Not sure what you should keep in your Safe Deposit Box? Here is a convenient inventory checklist of important items.

Gift cards

We offer Visa gift cards available for purchase by Tri City account holders. The gift card minimum is $10 and the maximum is $1,000. There is a $4.95 activation fee. For full terms and conditions, please click here

Telephone Banking

Access deposit and loan account information, including balances, transaction history and much more through telephone banking.

To access telephone banking, call 414-TRI-CITY (414-874-2489) or 888-874-2489. You must be enrolled and choose a PIN to be able to access this service. To enroll, stop in to any of our convenient locations.


Who is authorized to remove my safe deposit box contents in the event of my death?

If the box is jointly leased, the surviving lessees continue to have access to the box without any restrictions. Upon the death of the sole or last surviving lessee, access to the box will be permitted for a will search by a court-appointed representative. In doing a will search, only the will can be recovered. The will is then sent to probate court by the bank. The court appoints a personal representative for the estate, who will then have access to the box. This is the final access allowed to the box. The box items are inventoried by the personal representative, and the lease is terminated.

Is a hand-written note or a general power of attorney acceptable for someone to have access to my box?

The Bank will review the Power of Attorney document to determine the validity and if it grants authority to access the box. Power of Attorney ceases upon death.

Can I appoint an agent to have access to my box if I become sick, disabled or take a long vacation?

Yes, you and the agent must come to the bank to complete the required form. The agent will have authority to do all acts that could be done by you. The bank takes no responsibility for the agent’s actions. This appointment is terminated upon written notice from you or upon formal notice that you have passed away, such as a copy of the death certificate.

Does the bank insure my box contents?

No, since you have the only two keys to open the safe deposit box, you are the only individual with knowledge of its contents; therefore, the bank cannot insure its contents. To obtain insurance for your valuables, consult your insurance agent for advice.

Is a gift card the same as a credit card?

No, it's a card that has been loaded with a predetermined dollar amount. Each time you make a purchase with a gift card, the amount of your purchase is deducted from the balance on the card. Just like a credit card, you can use it at millions of locations worldwide where Visa® debit cards are accepted. 

How do I use a gift card to make a purchase?

If you've purchased a gift card at Tri City in the past, it is used to make purchases in the same manner as a credit card. You will need to select “credit” at the point of sale. If the amount of the purchase is more than the balance left on the card, you should notify the cashier that you are going to make a split payment. (Depending on the merchant, they may have to run two separate transactions.) 

Can I use my gift card at an ATM?

Gift cards purchased June 2023 and prior can be used for ATM withdrawals.  Visit www.onlinecardaccess.com/tricitygiftcard or call 800.830.3166 to obtain a personal identification number (PIN).

Gift cards purchased December 2023 or after can NOT be used for ATM withdrawals, redeemed for its cash value or used to obtain cash in any transaction.

Can I use my card at a gas station?

Yes, you can use the card at a gas station; however, you will need to pay for your purchase inside the gas station. Pay at the pump may not be available with the gift card.

What other types of transactions are restricted with the gift card?

You may not use the card for hotels, rental cars or online gambling.  You may not use the card for illegal transactions; to make foreign transactions; or for purchases where recurring payments may occur, such as subscriptions, memberships, rentals, etc.

Can I make online purchases with my gift card?

Yes, you can use it at online merchants that accept Visa® debit cards.

How do I activate my card?

Gift cards purchased June 2023 and prior, you can activate the card by calling 800.830.3166 or visit the gift card website www.onlinecardaccess.com/tricitygiftcard.

Gift cards purchased December 2023 or after, register your card at YCNcard.com.

Can the gift card be reloaded with additional money?

No, additional money cannot be added to your card. 

How do I check the balance remaining on my gift card?

For Gift Cards purchased June 2023 and prior, visit the gift card website www.onlinecardaccess.com/tricitygiftcard or call 800.830.3166.

For Gift Cards purchased December 2023 or after, to view the remaining balance, visit the gift card website YCNcard.com or call 855.887.1836.

What do I do if my card is lost or stolen or does not work?

For Gift Cards purchased June 2023 and prior, Call 800.830.3166 for assistance. You will need to know your card number.

For Gift Cards purchased December 2023 or after, call 855.887.1836 for assistance.  You will need to know your card number.

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