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Security Alerts

3 best cell phone practices for protecting your debit card

Use passcodes to prevent access

If your cell phone is lost or stolen, someone else could gain access to your phone if passcodes or added security are not in place. This means that someone could gain access to your contacts, email, personal accounts, passwords, or other sensitive information. Open your cell phone’s settings to set up facial recognition, passcodes for your lock screen, and other security measures to protect your phone from unwanted access.

Shop safely from your cell phone

If you’re someone who shops on your cell phone regularly, you probably choose to save your payment details in apps and on ecommerce sites that you routinely visit. While convenient, saved debit card details on your phone could potentially be at-risk if left unprotected. If someone were to gain access to your phone, they could then make purchases anywhere your debit card is saved.

To protect against this, avoid saving your payment details on sites or apps that you do not use frequently or opt-in to added security for purchases, such as multi-factor authentication.

Use debit card controls and alerts

You may not already know you have access to debit card controls and alerts through Tri City’s digital banking. Debit card controls let you limit where and how your card is used, while card alerts notify you about the usage of your card. You can enable or disable these features at any time in your mobile app by navigating to “More1” > “Card Controls” or “Alerts1.”

These features help you control and monitor your card against any suspicious activity.

Learn more about debit card fraud and how to protect yourself here.

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