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Tri City’s Chief Operations Officer Serves as Panelist at Data Summit

Tri City’s Chief Operations Officer, Barb Peryer, was a panelist for Annex Wealth Management’s panel discussion, titled “Employee Data & 401(k) Plans: New Challenges.” Hosted at Discovery World on September 14, 2022, the audience was made up of business owners from the Milwaukee area, looking for information on how data is collected, secured, and optimized.

Offering the perspective of a financial institution, Peryer discussed the importance of taking advantage of cyber security tools from your bank, such as through online banking, multi-factor authentication, Positive Pay, and more. According to Peryer, it’s crucial for businesses to have key conversations with their bank about how to keep their information secure and what to do in the event of a data breach. Both rely on the proper training of the business’ employees.

One of the best – and simple – tools of practice that Peryer offers is her “don’t click the link” rule. “If you receive an email with a suspicious link, don’t click it,” she says. “First, pick up the phone to call the contact and verify the link they are sending you.” This quick rule of thumb could save businesses from a potential data breach.

For more information about data security, visit Tri City’s Fraud Prevention webpage here.

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