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Managing Your Money

Are you maximizing your savings?

A dynamic rate environment, like we are experiencing in early 2023, means that you may benefit from using additional products and savings tools available to you at Tri City National Bank. When considering options, it’s important to understand the difference among account choices. Whether you want to save a little or a lot, Tri City has the savings option to serve your goals.

Money Market Investor

This account allows you to earn competitive interest rates, and higher balances earn higher rates. With this account, you also have the ability to write checks and you have unlimited in-person and ATM withdrawals. You can avoid an $11 monthly fee by maintaining a $1,500 minimum balance.

Certificates of Deposit (CD)

With a CD, you earn a fixed savings rates that is higher than a traditional savings account. CDs typically offer higher rates as the length of the CD term is extended. These are widely considered safer than other risky investments but do come with a penalty for early withdrawal. There is no setup or maintenance fees with a Tri City CD, and the bank also currently has special CD rates in place.

Personal Savings Accounts

Tri City offers two traditional savings accounts: Statement Savings & Dream Savings. You’ll earn less interest in these accounts than a Money Market or a CD, but they also come with a lower minimum balance requirement. This is a good option for those just starting their savings journey. Establishing a savings account with funds outside of your daily checking account can help establish good savings habits, and automatic transfers can even be set up between your Tri City checking and savings account, making saving that much easier.


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